Watts to Sit Out GNCC Opener

| March 3, 2002

Team KTM off-road racer Shane Watts won’t be starting in Tuesday’s opening round of the 2002 Grand National Cross-Country Championship, according to a press release sent out by Watts himself. Watts’ disappointing start to the new season comes about after he broke his left wrist at a supercross race back in Australia four weeks ago.

“This has been such a disappointing time for me,” Watts said in his release. “Today was the first day that I have tried to ride since the injury, and it just wasn’t possible. Because of the severe muscle damage I sustained in the original injury, I don’t have any strength in my wrist and forearm muscles. It’s only three days ago that I actually had the strength to brush my teeth with my left hand. It probably will be round three of the GNCC before I will be able to compete again. I’m just trying to remain positive during the recovery period and come back strong. This decision not to ride has been very difficult, though, as this year I was ready and keen to race and fight for the Championship.”

By Chris Jonnum