Formula USA Announces 80cc Dirt Track Class

| January 11, 2002

Formula USA announced today it will offer an 80cc National Championship Class at all 2002 Drag Specialties National Dirt Track races run on half-mile or smaller tracks.The format will be as follows: Approximately 10 of the Formula USA National Dirt Track events will be designated as 80cc National Championship races. The age group for eligibility is 8- to 13-year-olds with a minimum of two years racing experience. The approved equipment for 80cc competition will be 85cc two-strokes and up to 150cc four-stroke machines. Each 80cc National event will consist of practice, elimination heats and a final.

The championship will be determined by the best three finishes for each individual rider. Riders will be awarded points for their main event finishing positions and their personal best three finishes are the points that will count toward the championship. In the case of a tie, the final event at the October 5, Del Mar Short Track will also act as the series tiebreaker, the rider with the highest finish being awarded the title.

“This format allows rider participation across the country where amateur riders can hit the closest two or three events and still have a shot at a National Championship or top ranking,” Bob Moran, director of Clear Channel Entertainment’s dirt track program, said. “This format does not limit riders to only three races, although if a rider competes in all 10 events and wins six races, only three of those wins count toward the championship.”

Formula USA will announce more details surrounding the new 80cc National Championship class soon.


By Scott Rousseau