Bercy: Night 2

| November 10, 2001

The 18th edition of the Paris Bercy Supercross has the potential to remain in memory as a turn in the history of Supercross, as Jeremy McGrath was beaten for the second night in a row by David Vuillemin. Having used a standard front fork for the first night (his factory one was damaged one week earlier in the Paris Stade de France event), Jeremy got a new unit for this second night, as a technician flew from the U.S. during the night. But this front fork was not enough for McGrath, who started in both finals just behind the Frenchman. He tried to block-pass him in the first corner, but Vuillemin kept the lead and nobody could catch him.

The worst for McGrath came later, as he crashed in both races. In the first one, he was trying to catch Vuillemin, and in the second one he was pushing as Sebastien Tortelli was coming back with incredible speed in the whoop section. Eventually third and fourth, McGrath was not on the podium of this second final, a French podium with Vuillemin, Tortelli and Mickael Pichon.

Only one more night for McGrath to win a final in Bercy!

In the 125cc class, the second final was stopped after a scary crash by Frenchman Herve Versace. Yamaha of Troy’s Justin Buckelew confirmed his first-night domination by winning both races, and Greg Schnell had a good night with two podiums. Frenchman Eric Sorby was leading the second race when the race director put out the red flag to stop it, and Rodrig Thain saved the French banner with a third overall.


125cc Final 1: 1.Buckelew (USA, Yamaha) ; 2. Schnell (USA,Yamaha); 3.Thain (Fra, KTM); 4.Leuret (Fra, KTM) ; 5. Rrodigues (Por, Honda) ; 6. Ristori (Sui, Honda) ; 7. Ramon (Bel, Kawasaki) ; 8. Sorby (Fra, Suzuki), 9. Metcalfe (Aus, KTM) ; 10. Versace (Fra, Hus)

125 Final 2: (stopped after five laps)

125 Final 3: 1. Buckelew ; 2. Sorby ; 3. Schnell; 4. Metcalfe ; 5. Thain ; 6. Rodrigues ; 7. Leuret ; 8. Ramon; 9. Ristori ; 10. Meo (Fra, Kawasaki).

Overall : 1. Buckelew, 2 points; 2. Schnell, 5; 3. Thain, 8; 4. Sorby, 10; 5. Rodrigues, 11.

250 Final 1: 1. Vuillemin (Fra, Yamaha); 2. Tortelli (Fra, Honda) ; 3. McGrath (Fra, Yamaha); 4. Pichon (Fra, Suzuki); 5. Huffman (USA, Suzuki); 6. Byrne (Aus, Honda); 7. Paget (Fra, Honda); 8. Reed (Aus, Kawasaki) ; 9. Vialle (Fra, Yamaha).

250 Final 2: 1.Vuillemin; 2. Tortelli; 3. Pichon; 4. McGrath; 5. Reed; 6. Huffman; 7. Vialle; 8. Brown; 9. Bethys; 10. Lalloz.

Overall: 1. Vuillemin; 2. Torteli; 3. Pichon; 4. McGrath; 5. Huffman; 6. Reed; 7. Vialle; 8. Paget; 9. Byrne; 10. Bethys.

By Freelance