U.S. Open Betting Odds

| October 5, 2001

This just in from Las Vegas: Today, the MGM Grand Sports Book – situated deep inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada – has officially set the odds for the upcoming THQ U.S. Open. The following odds are now posted within the MGM Sports Book. Fans attending the race next weekend (October 12-13), will be able to, should they choose, place bets on their favorite riders to win the fourth annual running of the popular season-ending event. Fans must be present in Las Vegas to bet on the event, and the MGM will take action on the 24 riders listed below. The winning rider will be whichever one generates the best overall score during the two days of racing.

With Team USA regretfully pulling out of the recent Motocross des Nations in Namur, Belgium, the THQ U.S Open has picked up some momentum in the last few weeks. All three American MXdN riders – Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham and Mike Brown – are slated to attend next weekend. Moreover, Jeremy McGrath, allegedly deep in the midst of a serious training program in Southern California, will take a break to be on-hand in Vegas, competing in his first major race since the Las Vegas Supercross last May. Adding to the drama will be the fact that two high-profile riders, namely Ricky Carmichael (Honda), and Ezra Lusk (Kawasaki), are slated to race in the MGM Grand Arena aboard their new race bikes. (We should say that Carmichael’s participation is not yet official….) Finally, Travis Pastrana, fresh off Gold Medal performances at the 2001 X Games and Gravity Games, is healed up and ready to race aboard his factory Suzuki RM250. All in all, it will be a great race, which should provide a strong indication of what’s to come this January when the 2002 EA Sports Supercross series kicks off at Edison International Field.

THQ U.S Open 250cc Official Odds:

Ricky Carmichael (Honda) 10/11

Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha) 6/5

Kevin Windham (Suzuki) 9/1

Travis Pastrana (Suzuki) 18/1

Mike LaRocco (Honda) 18/1

Tim Ferry (Yamaha) 18/1

Ezra Lusk (Kawasaki) 22/1

Stephane Roncada (Kawasaki) 22/1

Mike Brown (Kawasaki) 22/1

Damon Huffman (Yamaha) 35/1

Buddy Antunez (Suzuki) 35/1

Steve Lamson (Husqvarna) 35/1

Brock Sellards (KTM) 35/1

Nick Wey (Yamaha) 35/1

Darcy Lange (Kawasaki) 60/1

Heath Voss (Honda) 60/1

Turbo Reif (Honda) 60/1

Denny Stephenson (Kawasaki) 60/1

Isaiah Johnson (Yamaha) 60/1

Jason McCormick (Suzuki) 60/1

Ryan Clark (Yamaha) 60/1

Ryan Terlecki (Husaberg) 60/1

Josh Demuth (Yamaha) 60/1

Robbie Skaggs (Kawasaki) 60/1

*All riders must start for action

**Winner determined by cumulative points. Lowest two-day score wins.

***Event must go within one week.

****Odds subject to change.

*****Bets must be placed at counter at MGM Casino in Las Vegas.

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