Lafferty’s Incredible Season

| October 31, 2001

Michael Lafferty’s 2001 AMA FMF National Championship Enduro season has been almost as good as it can get. The only blemish on a perfect season was a loss to Lynnwood Yamaha’s David Lykke in Colorado. That is well behind Lafferty, and he used the Delaware National Enduro this last weekend to prove that fact. With the championship already wrapped up, Lafferty didn’t even need to race the last round, but he wanted to let the rest of the competition know that next year won’t be any easier for them.

“The way I look at it, I’ve already won the first round in Coalinga [California] next season,” Lafferty said. “I know I can win the races – now I’m working on how many points I can beat them by.”

To that end, Lafferty won by a healthy margin in Delaware, well ahead of runner-up Fred Hoess (Kevin Bennett, Matt Stavish and David Lykke rounded out the top five). With that performance, another new crown, and with his stated goal now being to increase his winning margins, Lafferty has got to have the competition pretty intimidated at this point.

By Michael Demaree