Kenny Coolbeth Update

| August 11, 2001
Corbin Racing/Harley-Davidson of Missouri’s Kenny Coolbeth showed up to watch the Hagerstown Half Mile with a brace and bandages on his left hand. Coolbeth underwent surgery earlier in the week to repair the damage incurred in his first-lap get-off in the main event at the Harrington Half Mile on August 4.

They’ve put a plate and five screws in it,” Coolbeth said. “They also went in and re-attached all the tendons. It was pretty smashed up, but now the biggest thing that we’re watching for is an infection.”

Coolbeth’s right hand is broken as well, and although he was ordered to wear a brace on that hand, he has declined to do so. If all goes well, he said that he hopes to make his return during the big Springfield tripleheader weekend.

Stay tuned.


By Scott Rousseau