Carr, Davis Win OKC Shootout

| July 16, 2001
Harley-Davidson of Sacramento’s Chris Carr used a single-cylinder Rotax to win the Formula USA Super Single & Twins 25-lap main event at the Oklahoma State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 14, thus getting a leg up on the SFX Grand Slam of Dirt Track that is taking place at selected rounds of the Formula USA National Dirt Track Series.

Carr followed early leader, Memphis Shades/Coziahr Harley-Davidson’s Johnny Murphree, who was riding an XR750 twin, for the first nine laps. When Murphree got sideways coming out of turn two, Carr was ready to go underneath him, and took the lead down the backstretch on the 10th lap. From that point, Carr and Murphree began to pull away from the other 16 riders, with Carr hanging on for the win. Audiovox/Quaker State rider Brett Landes was third, riding a single-cylinder CCM. Landes came out on top in the four-way struggle that was going on behind the leaders. Finishing fourth through sixth were Rich King, Joe Kopp, and Terry Poovey.

Earlier in the evening,’s Harley-Davidson’s Will Davis led all 12 laps of the Pro Singles main event. Following Davis across the finish line were Terry Poovey – who retains the series points lead, and Davey Durelle.

Here are the results and series points standings after both main events at Oklahoma City:

SUPER SINGLES & TWINS (25 laps; 19 riders): 1. Chris Carr (Rtx); 2. Johnny Murphree (H-D); 3. Brett Landes (CCM); 4. Rich King (H-D); 5. Joe Kopp (Suz); 6. Terry Poovey (Rtx); 7. Bryan Bigelow (H-D); 8. Willie McCoy (ATK); 9. Bryan Smith (ATK); 10. Mike Hacker (H-D); 11. Geo Roeder II (H-D); 12. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 13. Jason Tyer (H-D); 14. Will Davis (H-D); 15. Steve Beattie (H-D); 16. Gary Rogers (H-D); 17. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 18. Charlie Orr (CCM); 19. Tim Eades (Rtx).
Time: 10 min., 02.771 sec.
FORMULA USA/SFX GRAND SLAM SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 1 of 5 rounds): 1. Chris Carr (5/1 win); 2. Johnny Murphree (4); 3. Brett Landes (3); 4. Rich King (2); 5. Joe Kopp (1).

PRO SINGLES (12 laps; 18 riders): 1. Will Davis (ATK); 2. Terry Poovey (ATK); 3. Davey Durelle (Suz); 4. Rich King (H-D); 5. Mike Hacker (ATK); 6. Brett Landes (CCM); 7. Bryan Smith (ATK); 8. Dan Stanley (Suz); 9. Steve Murray (ATK); 10. Willie McCoy (Yam); 11. Jennifer Snyder (H-D); 12. Tim Eades (Rtx); 13. Steve Liberty (ATK); 14. Scooter Vernon (ATK); 15. Christian Vernon (ATK); 16. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 17. Jacob Latimer (Yam); 18. Paul Normandin (ATK).
Time: 4 min., 56.430 sec.
FORMULA USA/SFX NATIONAL DIRT TRACK SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 11 rounds): 1. Terry Poovey (142); 2. Bryan Smith (118); 3. Jennifer Snyder (112/1 win); 4. (TIE) Rich King (108/1 win)/Mike Hacker 108/1 win); 6. Willie McCoy (92); 7. Steve Liberty (74); 8. Steve Murray (70); 9. (TIE) Brett Landes (72)/Scooter Vernon (72); 11. Dan Stanley (56); 12. Tim Eades (48); 13. Will Davis (46/1 win); 14. Paul Normandin (34); 15. Davey Durelle (32); 16. Aaron Creamer (28); 17. Jason Spearin (26); 18. Christian Vernon (24); 19. Kenny Coolbeth (20); 20. (TIE) Robert Lewis (18)/Duane Veeder (18).

By Dave Vincent