Hawk Hammers Taylortown GNCC

| June 18, 2001

A brand new facility greeted the riders for Round 9 of the GNCC Series yesterday, right across the street from the Mt. Morris motocross track. According to a KTM press release, the fast and short track turned out to be very good for the spectators because nearly half the coarse was grass sections in the rolling hills.

FMF Suzuki’s Steve hatch grabbed the holeshot and was setting a blistering pace while teammates Rodney Smith and Mike Kiedrowski, Team Green’s Fred Andrews and Yamaha’s Barry Hawk battled close behind. With lots of passing room, the order changed many times per lap, but Hawk was starting to challenge Hatch for the lead.

At the halfway point, KTM’s Shane Watts had just pulled in with an injured thumb, and Hawk was starting to build a cushion over the other front-runners, while Yamaha rider Robbie Jenks, Team Green’s Paul Edmondson, KTM’s Mike Lafferty and Yamaha’s Doug Blackwell were about a minute back.

When the two-lap board came out, Hawk was still pulling away while Smith, Hatch, Andrews and Kiedrowski were swapping positions every couple of miles. Jenks and Edmondson were next, but Lafferty had crashed hard and was back in 11th. Blackwell was fading, and Jason Raines and Chuck Woodford had moved into the top 10. At the end, it was Hawk by 30 seconds over Smith, Hatch and Andrews. Everybody else held there position except for Lafferty, who came back to get by Blackwell and fill out the top 10.

RESULTS: 1. Barry Hawk (Yam); 2. Rodney Smith (Suz); 3. Steve Hatch (Suz); 4. Fred Andrews (Kaw); 5. Mike Kiedrowski (Suz); 6. Robbie Jenks (Yam); 7. Paul Edmondson (Kaw); 8. Jason Raines (Yam); 9. Chuck Woodford (Kaw); 10. Mike Lafferty (KTM).



By Chris Jonnum