Snyder Tops Mega Mile

| April 30, 2001
Team Harley-Davidson’s Jennifer Snyder silenced doubters who questioned her hiring to the factory team by winning the SFX-promoted Mega Mile sanctioned by Formula USA on the 1.8-mile limestone track at Colonial Downs in New Kent, Virginia, on April 28.

The 17-year-old Garland, Texas, resident pulled off her first career National win in spectacular fashion, heading a four-rider pack that included veterans Rich King and Mike Hacker as well as Snyder’s old amateur rival, Bryan Smith. Snyder and Hacker drafted past King and Smith on last lap, with Snyder leading the rest off the last corner and taking the narrow victory, while Hacker wound up second. King held on for third, ahead of Smith, with another veteran, Terry Poovey, finishing fifth, well behind the lead pack. Snyder was obviously overjoyed with her performance.

“That was a cool deal,” Snyder said. “It was such a battle for the whole race. About the middle of the race it got so rough that I nearly crashed a couple times. You just had to stay on the gas and blast through the holes.”

The impact of Snyder’s performance wasn’t lost on her tuner, legendary factory wrench Bill Werner, either.

“I’ve seen some good races in my time, but that was a war,” Werner said. “She was awesome right from the start of the night. She set fast time, won her heat and then she got a shitty start in the main, but she caught right back up. Rich [King] told me that one time she hit a hole and her butt was about six inches off the seat, so he figured she’d be done because that’ll take the starch out of just about anybody. But then she came right back and passed him at the end. She’s the real deal. She’s gritty, and she can ride a motorcycle.”

The factory Harley team had plenty to be proud of at Colonial Downs, as Snyder did indeed set a fast qualifying lap of 47.46 seconds, with King checking in at 47.85 seconds for second fastest time. Snyder also continued testing the team’s Buell Blast-powered Harley-Davidson 500R single, clocking a 48 flat that would have placed her in the top five in the qualifying order.

Here are the main event results from the Colonial Downs Mega Mile:

Colonial Downs
New Kent, Virginia
Results: April 28, 2001 (Round 1 of 12)
PRO SINGLES NATIONAL (15 laps; 18 riders): Jennifer Snyder (H-D); 2. Mike Hacker (ATK); 3. Rich King (H-D); 4. Bryan Smith (ATK); 5. Terry Poovey (Rtx); 6. Willie McCoy (ATK); 7. Steve Liberty (ATK); 8. Paul Normandin (ATK); 9. Kenny Coolbeth (Rtx); 10. Robert Lewis (Rtx); 11. Scooter Vernon (ATK); 12. Brian Vincent (Rtx); 13. Tim Eades (Rtx); 14. Jason Spearin (ATK); 15. William Bromley (Suz); 16. Stephanie Welch (Rtx); 17. Will Davis (ATK); 18. Mark Witham (ATK).

By Scott Rousseau