Watts to Contest Daytona Supercross

| February 15, 2001

We were recently speaking with Shane Watts on his cell phone for a GNCC preview (check out next week’s Daytona Preview issue for the full story), and the KTM rider had some interesting information. The on- and off-track exploits of the diminutive Australian have already been well-documented, but perhaps his most impressive feat thus far – one that will surely be a part of off-road folklore for years to come – was his taking of the 2000 GNCC title via scoring wins on six different KTM models.

Having accomplished that goal, Watts plans to ride just a 200cc two-stroke in 2001, but don’t think for a minute that he won’t be challenging himself. “I’d like to win every race this year,” Watts said matter-of-factly. “It’s also important for me that I enjoy myself, and the 200 is the bike I enjoy myself most on in a racing situation.”

In addition, Watts will be campaigning the Glen Helen, Mt. Morris, Unadilla and Binghamton rounds of the 125cc National Motocross Series. Not only that, but he’ll attempt to qualify for the 125cc Eastern Regional class at the Daytona Supercross (then load up and drive six hours for the following day’s Georgia GNCC round). Oh, and Watts is also racing the new WORCS circuit (a western series based on the GNCC), and has in fact already won the first round.

By Chris Jonnum