U.S. ISDE Riders Named

Cycle News Staff | August 26, 2000

Here are the teams and riders who have qualified to represent the United States at this year’s International Six Days Enduro in Granada, Spain, October 31-November 5.

World Trophy: Randy Hawkins, Fred Hoess, Destry Abbott, Brian Garrahan, Patrick Garrahan and Russ Pearson.

Junior World: David Pearson, Cody Mastin, John Beal and Kurt Caselli.

Salt Fork Dirt Riders: Scott Hofman, Tim Taber and Troy Smith.

Red River Riders: Nathan Knight, Nolan Knight and Matt Stavish.

Team Iowa: David Campbell, Lonnie Ross and Dennis Murphy.

Little Burr M.C.: Mark Adkins, Mart Geary and Glenn Martinson.

Gerrit Hamilton Memorial Club: Jason Dahners, Brian Bennett and Brian Sperle.

Merced Dirt Riders: Curt Wilcox, Ron Lawson and Joe Cartwright.

Net Leased Club: Paul Krause, Steve Silvestri and Luca Trussardi.

Team Senior: Alan Deyo, Jeff Fredette and Randy Mastin.

Daytona Dirt Riders: Mike Monroe, Alex McElyea and Richard Lafferty.

Boise Ridge Riders: Ron Schmelzel, Mark Stevens and Stave VanZant.

This year’s Team USA Support Manager will be Rick “Gunny” Claypoole, and the USA Jury Representative will be Hugh Fleming.