Carr Nearly Loses Peoria TT

| August 14, 2000
That’s all 1997 Peoria TT winner Joe Kopp would have needed to dethrone Chris Carr at this year’s running of the Peoria TT. But time ran out, and Carr earned his 12th Grand National TT victory at the facility. The win may have been expected, but the way it went down was quite different.

Carr got the holeshot and built a straightaway lead on Kopp, Rich King and Dan Stanley until blowing turn one late in the race and stalling his motorcycle. Carr managed to get the machine relit and get underway again before Kopp could catch up. Carr took the win, riding the last seven laps with no brakes as Kopp furiously attempted to run him down.

The race was also highlighted by a titanic clash between Kopp and Stanley in the early going, a steady third-place ride by King, and solid fifth and eighth placings, respectively, by J.R. Schnabel and Johnny Murphree. Here are the main event results and points standings from the 2000 edition of the Peoria TT.

GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps, 18 riders): 1. Chris Carr (Rtx); 2. Joe Kopp (Rtx); 3. Rich King (H-D); 4. Dan Stanley (Rtx); 5. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 6. Terry Poovey (Rtx); 7. Kevin Varnes (ATK); 8. Johnny Murphree (ATK); 9. Geo Roeder II (Rtx); 10. Mike Hacker (Rtx); 11. Bryan Bigelow (ATK); 12. Paul Lynch (Rtx); 13. Donnie Steward (ATK); 14. Willie McCoy ( Rtx); 15. Jason Tyer (Rtx); 16. Gary Rogers (Rtx); 17. John Hlebo III (CCM); 18. Brett Landes (ATK).
Time: 11 mins., 15.648 secs.

AMA/PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE U.S. FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 8 of 15 rounds): 1. Chris Carr (133/3 wins); 2. (TIE) Joe Kopp (102)/Will Davis (102/2) 4. Mike Hacker (98/1); 5. Bryan Bigelow (94); 6. Rich King (86); 7. Jay Springsteen (84/1); 8. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (81); 9. Terry Poovey (75/1); 10. Dan Stanley (70); 11. J.R. Schnabel (60); 12. Geo Roeder II (51); 13. Johnny Murphree (43); 14. Willie McCoy (42); 15. Paul Lynch (41); 16. Kevin Varnes (40); 17. Nicky Hayden (27); 18. Chris Evans (23); 19. Brett Landes (21); 20. Mike Varnes (19).
Upcoming Rounds:
Round 9 – Hagerstown, Maryland, August 19
Round 10 – Sedalia, Missouri, August 26

By Scott Rousseau