Davis Does It Again at Hutchinson Half Mile

| July 9, 2000
Round six of the AMA’s Progressive Insurance Flat Track Championship Series came to the sun-baked Kansas State Fairgrounds. Greeted with temperatures hovering in the 100-degree range and 20 mph winds, the banked clay half-mile developed a tight unforgiving groove.


Moroney’s H-D/Fasthog.com/Gould Erectors’ Will Davis continued to burn up the track, leading the Grand National from the flash of green to the checkered flag. It was no easy task for the 35-year-old either, as youngsters Kenny Coolbeth and Mike Hacker finished just inches behind him.


“Last week it was a 43-year-old man chasing me, this time it’s these two kids,” Davis said on the podium. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”


Corbin Racing/Dave Burks Motorsports/H-D of Missouri’s Coolbeth came off the starting line in second and stayed right on Davis’ real wheel the whole race. Hacker had to work his Saddlemen Racing/Lancaster H-D/Dodge Brothers’ Harley around Bryan Bigelow for third, then closed on the leaders, but could not find a way around him, making for a three rider dash to the finish line.


Here are the results from the Grand National main event, the series points standings and the 600cc support class results:


Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, Kansas
Results: July 8, 2000 (Round 6 of 17)
GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Will Davis (H-D); 2. Ken Coolbeth (H-D): 3. Mike Hacker (H-D): 4. Chris Carr (H-D): 5. Joe Kopp (H-D): 6. Bryan Bigelow (H-D): 7. Rich King (H-D): 8. Dan Stanley (H-D): 9. Willie McCoy (H-D): 10. Terry Poovey (Hon): 11. Geo Roeder (H-D): 12. Kevin Varnes (H-D): 13. Paul Lynch (H-D): 14. Jason Tyer (H-D): 15. Jason Sentell (H-D): 16. Brian Shirley Jr. (H-D): 17. Dale Jenneman (H-D): 18. Cory Roth (H-D).
Time: 9 min., 40.953 sec.


AMA/PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE U.S. FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINT STANDINGS (after 6 of 17 rounds) 1. Chris Carr (103/2 wins); 2. Will Davis (102/2); 3. Joe Kopp (82); 4. Bryan Bigelow (74) 5. Jay Springsteen (69/1); 6. Ken Coolbeth (67) 7. Mike Hacker (66) 8. Terry Poovey (62/1); 9. Rich King (54) 10. Dan Stanley (52); 11. J.R. Schnabel (41); 12. Geo Roeder II (33); 13. Willie McCoy (27); 14. Paul Lynch (23); 15. Brett Landes (20); 16. (TIE) Kevin Varnes/Mike Varnes/Chris Evans (19); 19. Scott Parker (16); 20. Nicky Hayden (14).


600cc SUPPORT MAIN: 1. Willie McCoy (ATK); 2. Dale Jenneman (ATK); 3. Sam Lowe (Rot); 4. Victor McAnally (W-R); 5. Bryan Smith (ATK); 6. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 7. Rick Winsett Jr. (Rot); 8. Gordon Schopieray (W-R); 9. Todd Winsett (Rot); 10. Paul Lynch (H-D); 11. Jason Sentell (Rot).

By Dave Hoenig