Wrenchead.com National Dirt Track Series

| March 10, 2000
PACE Motor Sports announced that the available fundage for its Formula USA-sanctioned Wrenchead.com National Dirt Track Series will top three quarters of a million dollars, including a $150,000 point fund to racers in its national championship class, $50,000 earmarked for the series champion, and event purses of $45,000 to $55,000 to bring the total guaranteed awards to $760,000 for the series’ inaugural season.

The seven mile events on the 12-race 2000 schedule will pay a $50,000 purse to the national championship class, with $10,000 going to the race winner. The half-mile races will pay $40,000, with the winner taking home $7500. Formula USA’s new Pro Singles support class will offer a $5000 purse at all events. According to PACE Motor Sports Vice-president Mike Kidd, the PACE team is confident that the big money will attract the sport’s biggest names.

With Wrenchead.com as our series sponsor, we are able to offer an awards package that makes our series a very attractive program for professional racers,” Kidd said. “This commitment by PACE and Wrenchead.com clearly shows that we respect the time, effort and expense it takes to be a professional racer.”

Kidd also said that in addition to the purse and series points fund, PACE is developing a contingency award program that will bring additional support from companies in the motorcycle industry that offer the machines and equipment that will be used on the track.

“We’ve already heard from several manufacturers that are eager to participate in the contingency program,” Kidd said. “We’ll get an announcement out to our riders soon letting them know which companies we have on board.”

Companies interested in participating in the program should contact Patrick Murphy at 916/737-6272. The opening round of the Wrenchead.com National Dirt Track Series is scheduled for May 6 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas.


By Scott Rousseau