Day Two Loretta Lynn's 2013 Photo Gallery

Photos from day two of the Red Bull AMA Amateur Motocross National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s. Photography By Kit Palmer

LorettaLynn2-1.jpg Ryan Villopoto and Blake Baggett were on hand to sign autographs for their fans.
LorettaLynn2-4.jpg The infield was just as bad as the track. If your bike broke, this was the only way you could get back to the pits.
LorettaLynn2-5.jpg Matt Bisceglia came from behind to win the first 250 A moto.
LorettaLynn2-6.jpg Austin Forkner (21) battled hard for his win in the Supermini 2 (13-16) moto.
LorettaLynn2-7.jpg Ty Masterpoole was another happy Motorcycle Holeshot winner. He also won Wednesday’s 65cc (7-11) moto.
LorettaLynn2-8.jpg Jett Reynolds lived up to his name once again.
LorettaLynn2-9.jpg Noah Gordon took advantage of the excellent track conditions at the end of the day to take the 51cc (4-6) Limited moto win.
LorettaLynn2-10.jpg Daxton Bennick came out on top of the 51cc (4-6) Special Limited moto.
LorettaLynn2-11.jpg Levi Bolton (42) slips underneath Hayden Levender (22) en route to the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited moto win. Levender finished third.
LorettaLynn2-12.jpg Daxton Bennick has something to show off when he goes back to school.
LorettaLynn2A-1.jpg The 40+ class had the honors of being the first out on the track after the long rain delay. It wasn’t pretty but they didn’t complain.
LorettaLynn2A-2.jpg She went to great lengths to rescue her racer’s goggles. She deserves big props.
LorettaLynn2A-3.jpg The threat of rain never went away.
LorettaLynn2A-4.jpg After waiting all day to race, the little guys were rewarded with ideal track conditions.