Day One Loretta Lynn's 2013 Photo Gallery

Photos of day one of the 2013 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee. Photography By Kit Palmer

LorettaLynnTues-2.jpg Carson Mumford gets a hug from his mom after taking his first-moto win.
LorettaLynnTues-3.jpg Stilez Robertson didn’t have a good day and the disappointment shows on his face.
LorettaLynnTues-5.jpg Bikes and riders had to be hosed off after the rains came.
LorettaLynnTues-6.jpg This rider shows the strain after a tough moto in the mud.
LorettaLynnTues-8.jpg Aaron Plessinger ran off with the 450 B Limited first moto.
LorettaLynnTues-9.jpg Matt Bisceglia (95) won the Open Pro Sport after a good battle with RJ Hampshire.
LorettaLynnTues-10.jpg Surprise! Trampas Parker won the Senior 45+ class first moto.
LorettaLynnTues-11.jpg Kevin Foley is off to a good start in his quest for the Masters 50+ title.
LorettaLynnTues-12.jpg Michael Mitchell capped off the day’s racing with a hard-fought win in the muddy Vet 30+ B/C class.
LorettaLynnsd1-13.jpg Jett Reynolds has a moto win in the 65cc (7-9) Unlimited class.
LorettaLynnsd1-14.jpg The girls out for their first moto.
LorettaLynnsd1-15.jpg The mud pretty much swallowed up the Minicycles.