2014 Yamaha YZ250F First Look Photo Gallery

Photos of the newly unveiled 2014 Yamaha YZ250F.

YZ450f_1galleryairbox.jpg Access to the air filter is now easier.
YZ450f_2gallerymotor.jpg Like the YZ450F, the new 250 gets the reverse cylinder configuration with the intake in the front and the exhaust in the back. Yamaha designed it to have more mid-to-top power without sacrificing torque.
YZ450f_3galleryefi.jpg The new YZ250F uses the same basic 12-hole EFI system as the YZ450F. Despite the added weight of EFI, Yamaha found ways to save weight elsewhere to keep overall heft the same as before.
YZ250f_4galleryframe.jpg Despite the reversed cylinder, Yamaha didn’t mess much with frame dimensions. The YZ250F was already a solid-handling bike.
YZ450f_5galleryexhaust.jpg The new exhaust is compact and fits more centralized within the chassis.
YZ450f_6galleryfueltank.jpg The enclosed tank has nearly a half-gallon more capacity.
YZ450f_7galleryaction.jpg Yamaha promises a faster and even better handling YZ250F for 2014.
YZ450f_8galleryaction.jpg The MSRP of the 2014 YZ240F is $200 more than the ’13 YZ.