From the Archives: Supercross Photo Gallery

Photos over the years of Supercross from the Cycle News Archives.

Weinert2Web.jpg Looking back at the 1979 Oakland Supercross when Jimmy Wienert won the race using a paddle tire.
TampaSX_1.jpg Long before Monster girls, there were Coors girls. Photography By: Kit Palmer
TampaSX_2.jpg Did we mention there were Coors girls with big hair...? Photography By: Kit Palmer
TampaSX_3.jpg And this Ricky Johnson guy did pretty well also. Photography By: Kit Palmer.
KiedWardBayle.jpg Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Ward and Jean-Michel Bayle at the Daytona Supercross.
DallasSX1975.jpg Any idea who won the first-ever Supercross held in Dallas, Texas...? Maybe this photo from that race will help your memory.
AnaheimSX1976.jpg Our coverage of the first-ever Anaheim Supercross.
HannahStickers.jpg Bob Hannah puts stickers on his bike.
RCCoverWeb.jpg Ricky Carmichael gets busy at the Anaheim Supercross in this Cycle News cover from January, 2005.
Roger_DeCoster500.jpeg Roger Decoster Christmas Card
1987OMaraInterview.jpg Interview with the O'Show on why he left Honda after 6 years.