Remember When: 1982 Superbikers Photo Gallery

Photos from the 1982 Superbikers race in Carlsbad. Photography By: Cycle News Archives

82Superbikers_2.jpg Graham (41) led the race early until he was tracked down by Chandler. (34). "I knew if I could get to the dirt before Ricky, I could pull some time," Chandler would say later.
82Superbikers_3.jpg Alex Jorgensen rode his Rotax thumper to fifth.
82Superbikers_4.jpg Chandler attacks the road race portion of the track on his motocrosser.
82Superbikers_5.jpg Steve Wise finished second to Chandler, who earned $10,000 of the $50,000 purse in the Gavin Trippe-promoted race.
82Superbikers_6.jpg Springsteen gets the big Harley headed in the right direction.
82Superbikers_8.jpg If you did well, like Springsteen did, then you were interviewed for ABC's Wide World of Sports by Sam Posey.
82Superbikers_9.jpg Danny Chandler was all business on the start line before the final.