Round six of the AMA's Progressive Insurance Flat Track Championship Series came to the sun-baked Kansas State Fairgrounds. Greeted with temperatures hovering in the 100-degree range and 20 mph winds, the banked clay half-mile developed a tight unforgiving groove.


Moroney's H-D/ Erectors' Will Davis continued to burn up the track, leading the Grand National from the flash of green to the checkered flag. It was no easy task for the 35-year-old either, as youngsters Kenny Coolbeth and Mike Hacker finished just inches behind him.


"Last week it was a 43-year-old man chasing me, this time it's these two kids," Davis said on the podium. "I don't know how much more I can take."


Corbin Racing/Dave Burks Motorsports/H-D of Missouri's Coolbeth came off the starting line in second and stayed right on Davis' real wheel the whole race. Hacker had to work his Saddlemen Racing/Lancaster H-D/Dodge Brothers' Harley around Bryan Bigelow for third, then closed on the leaders, but could not find a way around him, making for a three rider dash to the finish line.


Here are the results from the Grand National main event, the series points standings and the 600cc support class results:


Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, Kansas
Results: July 8, 2000 (Round 6 of 17)
GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Will Davis (H-D); 2. Ken Coolbeth (H-D): 3. Mike Hacker (H-D): 4. Chris Carr (H-D): 5. Joe Kopp (H-D): 6. Bryan Bigelow (H-D): 7. Rich King (H-D): 8. Dan Stanley (H-D): 9. Willie McCoy (H-D): 10. Terry Poovey (Hon): 11. Geo Roeder (H-D): 12. Kevin Varnes (H-D): 13. Paul Lynch (H-D): 14. Jason Tyer (H-D): 15. Jason Sentell (H-D): 16. Brian Shirley Jr. (H-D): 17. Dale Jenneman (H-D): 18. Cory Roth (H-D).
Time: 9 min., 40.953 sec.


AMA/PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE U.S. FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINT STANDINGS (after 6 of 17 rounds) 1. Chris Carr (103/2 wins); 2. Will Davis (102/2); 3. Joe Kopp (82); 4. Bryan Bigelow (74) 5. Jay Springsteen (69/1); 6. Ken Coolbeth (67) 7. Mike Hacker (66) 8. Terry Poovey (62/1); 9. Rich King (54) 10. Dan Stanley (52); 11. J.R. Schnabel (41); 12. Geo Roeder II (33); 13. Willie McCoy (27); 14. Paul Lynch (23); 15. Brett Landes (20); 16. (TIE) Kevin Varnes/Mike Varnes/Chris Evans (19); 19. Scott Parker (16); 20. Nicky Hayden (14).


600cc SUPPORT MAIN: 1. Willie McCoy (ATK); 2. Dale Jenneman (ATK); 3. Sam Lowe (Rot); 4. Victor McAnally (W-R); 5. Bryan Smith (ATK); 6. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 7. Rick Winsett Jr. (Rot); 8. Gordon Schopieray (W-R); 9. Todd Winsett (Rot); 10. Paul Lynch (H-D); 11. Jason Sentell (Rot).

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By Dave Hoenig