From the Archives: Old Cycle News Covers Photo Gallery

Photos of old Cycle News covers through the years

Singleton1979.jpg Dale Singleton gets the March 21, 1979 issue cover with his Daytona 200 win.
AgoCover1974.jpg Giacomo Agostini graces the Cycle News West cover on March 19, 1974 after his Daytona 200 victory.
LawsonCover1Web.jpg Eddie Lawson was the cover boy for the March 19, 1986 issue of Cycle News with his Daytona 200 victory. How many other riders can you name in that start shot?
RaybornApril1969.jpg The April 1, 1969 issue of Cycle News featured Cal Rayborn after his Daytona 200 victory.
RobertsAug1980Cover.jpg The August 13, 1980 cover of Cycle News featured the battle between Kenny Roberts and Freddie Spencer at the Laguna Seca GP.
RCCover2005.jpg Ricky Carmichael wins Anaheim II and is 2005's Cycle News issue 4 coverboy.
SingletonCover79issue15.jpg Fastest "Pig Farmer" in the world, Dale Singleton gets the cover of 1979's issue 15 of Cycle News after his second Daytona 200 win.
EddieCoverWeb.jpg Cycle News classic cover from 1986
CarterAlsopCover_full.jpg Gracing the cover of the 1978 Issue 11 of Cycle News is Carter Alsop, the first woman to enter an AMA professional road race.
1987issue37.jpg Team USA grace the cover of issue 37 from 1987 after winning a drama-filled Motocross des Nations at Unadilla for the seventh-straight time.
cn1976_xmascover.jpg 1976 Issue 49
cn1979_xmascover.jpg 1979 Issue 49
cn1978_xmascover.jpg 1978 Issue 49
cn1974_xmascover.jpg 1974 Issue 49
Cn1972_xmascover.jpg 1972 Issue 49
cn1971_xmascover.jpg 1971 Issue 49
cn1970_xmascover.jpg 1970 Issue 49
1999issue4_cover.jpg Jeremy McGrath dominates at the 1999 Phoenix Supercross.
2001issue2cover.jpg Jeremy McGrath fires the first shot in 2001 with the win at Anaheim.