2013 Honda CBR600RR Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2013 Honda CBR600 Supersport bike.

2still.jpeg The 2013 CBR600RR will be available in three color options: solid red, Honda HRC red, white and blue, and Repsol rac- team colors.
4action2.jpeg The CBR600RR is still comfortable enough for day-long rides through the canyons and even for daily commuting.
3action.jpeg New bodywork results in 6.5 percent less drag and more mpg.
9taillight1.jpeg There's a new LED tail light.
6action.jpeg A new grill and ducting improves ram air efficiency by providing a straighter shot of air to the airbox.
10wheels2.jpeg Like the CBR1000, the new CBR600RR gets new aluminum 12-spoke wheels.
5action.jpeg Like the CBR1000 last year, the 600RR is now fitted with a stouter 41mm Showa Big Piston Fork.
12rwb2.jpeg The base model CBR600RR is actually $50 less than last year's.
13Repsol2.jpeg Wanna look like Dani Pedrosa? Now you can.