Feld Motor Sports announced today the complete 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, television schedule that begins with the live season opener from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., January 9, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. EST.CBS Sports will bring a total of nine hours of Monster Energy Supercross coverage to a national network audience, including the season preview show, the legends of supercross feature and the season wrap-up show. The Monster Energy Supercross ... Four Legends Show will focus on four of the greatest supercross racers of all time, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed and James Stewart, and is schedule to air on CBS Sports on February 28, at Noon EST.After opening the season with the live broadcast of Anaheim 1, SPEED will carry the entire Monster Energy Supercross season as well as four additional live AMA Supercross class broadcasts (Indianapolis, Atlanta, Toronto and Las Vegas).From Anaheim 1 to Las Vegas, the television team of pit reporter Erin Bates, color analyst Jeff Emig and host Ralph Sheheen will deliver the race calls to the loyal Monster Energy Supercross fans throughout the highly anticipated 2010 championship season.2010 Monster Energy Supercross Television Schedule

Race                  Channel                       Date                     Time

Anaheim 1 (SX)                  SPEED                  1/9/2010                  10:00pm ET

Phoenix (Lites)                  SPEED                  1/17/2010                  5:00pm ET

Phoenix (SX)                  SPEED                  1/17/2010                  6:00pm ET

Anaheim 2 (SX)                  CBS                  1/24/2010                  1:00pm ET

Anaheim 2 (Lites)Anaheim 2 (SX)                  SPEEDSPEED                  1/24/20101/30/2010                  10:00pm ET3:00am ET

San Francisco (SX)                  CBS                      1/31/2010                  12:00pm ET

San Francisco (Lites)                  SPEED                  1/31/2010                  10:00pm ET

San Diego (Lites)                  SPEED                  2/7/2010                  5:00pm ET

San Diego (SX)Anaheim 3 (SX)Anaheim 3 (Lites)Anaheim 3 (SX)Indianapolis (SX)Indianapolis (Lites)Indianapolis (SX)Atlanta (SX)Four LegendsAtlanta (Lites)Atlanta (SX)Toronto (SX)Toronto (Lites)Toronto (SX)Dallas (Lites)Dallas (SX)Jacksonville (SX)Jacksonville (Lites)Jacksonville (SX)                  SPEEDCBSSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDCBSSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDCBSSPEEDSPEED                  2/7/20102/14/20102/14/20102/20/20102/20/20102/21/20102/21/20102/27/20102/28/20102/28/20102/28/20103/13/20103/14/20103/14/20103/21/20103/21/20103/28/20103/28/20104/3/2010                  6:00pm ET12:00pm ET6:00pm ET3:00am ET8:00pm ET5:00pm ET6:00pm ET7:30pm ET12:00pm ET5:00pm ET6:00pm ET7:30pm ET5:00pm ET6:00pm ET5:00pm ET6:00pm ET12:00pm ET6:00pm ET3:00am ET

Houston (Lites)Houston (SX)St. Louis (SX)St. Louis (Lites)St. Louis (SX)Seattle (Lites)Seattle (SX)Salt Lake City (SX)Salt Lake City (Lites)Salt Lake City (SX)Las Vegas (SX)Wrap UP (SX)Las Vegas (Lites)                  SPEEDSPEEDCBSSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDCBSSPEEDSPEEDSPEEDCBS

SPEED                  4/11/20104/11/20104/18/20104/18/20104/24/20104/25/20104/25/20105/2/20105/2/20105/8/20105/8/20105/9/20105/9/2010                  3:00pm ET6:00pm ET2:00pm ET6:00pm ET3:00am ET5:00pm ET6:00pm ET12:00pm ET6:00pm ET3:00am ET10:00pm ET3:00pm ET5:00pm ET

Las Vegas (SX)                  SPEED                  5/9/2010                  6:00pm ET

Check your local listings as dates and times are subject to change.


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